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Plantiva ColdDx 60 caps

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Symptomatic relief
Shortens duration of immune challenges
Respiratory health
Scientifically tested
Non drowsy and stimulant-free

ViraDx works fast to relieve discomfort and shorten the duration of immune challenges to help keep you feeling healthy.

Developed by a multi-specialty international team of doctors for use in clinical practice, ViraDx provides powerful relief and comfort when you feel rundown, allowing your immune system to more easily do its job of re-establishing normal energy and balance. ViraDx Supports Relief and Recovery from challenges to an immune system that has succumbed to the stresses of fatigue, overexposure, seasonal changes or cold weather.

ViraDx contains Cooling and Detoxifying herbs that promote healthy inflammatory response and remove aggravations to the immune system, allowing it to recover more easily. The inclusion of herbs specific to helping relieve body aches, phlegm, and throat discomfort create a well-balanced and complete effect.

Supplement Facts

Directions for Use: Detoxification with ColdDx is intended for short-term use, i.e. 10 days to 2 weeks at a time.

Other Ingredients
Andrographis, Isatis, Belamcanda, Forsythia, Bupleurum, Coptis, Pueraria, Platycodon, Olive leaf.

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fabulous product.
This keeps me going. I take one every day and take two more if I am sick or feeling the symptoms of the flu or cold. Its worth of try if you keep getting sick and your immune system is low.

10/27/2012 6:28 AM
Wadsworth, Ohio

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