Compounded Pet Prescriptions

If your pet has trouble with pills, you might want to ask your veterinarian about compounds. Many prescriptions can be compounded into customized medications for your pet, and can even be flavored like a treat.

Pharmaca's certified compounding pharmacists have the training and ability to modify prescribed medications to a specific strength, dosage form or allergen-free formula. Whether a bird, ferret, horse, cat or dog, your pet can be properly cared for with a customized prescription that fits their unique needs.

Animals are treated much like people in our pharmacy system. Once your veterinarian calls in a prescription, we set up the pet like a patient. Some pets even take medications that were originally formulated for people, but also work for conditions like obsessive licking.

If your vet recommends a compounded prescription, our compounding pharmacists will be able to formulate it according to your specifications. We often create medications in animal friendly flavors like tuna, beef and chicken. We can also turn certain prescriptions into creams so delivery is as easy as rubbing your pet's ears.

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