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According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, over 70% of Americans consume less than two-thirds of the Recommended Daily Intake (RDI) for one or more essential vitamins and minerals. Our top 5 supplement recommendations work to help you achieve a more balanced nutritional profile.

1. Multi-vitamins
Most people don't receive a full spectrum of nutrients from their diets, so taking a multi-vitamin helps cover all the bases. Our practioners recommend Super Nutrition to customers because they have a nice range of vitamins and minerals, as well as herbal additions and super greens.'s One-a-Day Multi-Vitamins

2. Fish Oil
Essential fatty acids aren't produced by the body, so you have to get them from dietary sources or supplements. If you don't usually eat fish several times a week, a good supplement makes sure you get enough. Our practioners recommend Nordic Naturals fish oil for its quality, purity, and efficacy.

3. Probiotics
Besides yogurt, the modern diet lacks fermented foods that support healthy gastrointestinal bacteria. A probiotic supplement ensures a healthy population of good bacteria is present in the body to help prevent infection. Increase your intake with a specific formula from Jarrow Formulas, whose complete line covers the needs of children, women, the elderly and even pets.

4. Bone Formula
Bone is living tissue that needs many minerals and vitamins to remain healthy. Both men and women can benefit from taking a calcium/magnesium bone formula, especially since an estimated 80% of women don't get enough calcium from their diet. Our practioners recommend New Chapter's Bone Strength Take Care, an easy to digest formula to help prevent bone loss.

5. Vitamin D
Recent studies have shown vitamin D deficiencies in the majority of Americans, especially in children, adolescents, the elderly, and those with dark skin, because dietary sources and unprotected sun exposure provide insufficient amounts. Our practioners recommend supplementing with 2000 IU every day from Pharmaca brand, or Biotics Vitamin D.

Pharmaca offers a full range of nutritional support for people who want to supplement their diets. Speak with one of our licensed practitioners about your specific needs, and get personalized recommendations for better health.

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