Healthier body, healthier skin

We all know that healthy skin isn't just about the facial care you use-it's also about what you put into your body. Stock up on the best nutrition and leave out the bad foods, and you're bound to see a clearer, healthier complexion. But what happens when we fall into a less-than-healthy rut?  

Skin can mirror any internal toxicity problems we have, from eating too many processed foods or consuming too much alcohol. "We get skin problems for a reason," says Donna Boissiere, nutritional therapist, at Pharmaca in Napa, Calif. "If you've got, say, psoriasis, ask why. What's going on in my body?"   

Oftentimes, Donna says, problems like acne, redness or eczema can be addressed through a good liver cleanse. She likes Renew Life's Flush & Be Fit, a combination of detoxifying herbs, adaptogens to reduce the effects of stress and probiotics to restore balance.

is another detoxifying herbal blend she likes, which can be used daily or in a more intensive two-week regimen. Throughout the cleanse-and afterward-Donna recommends staying hydrated with an electrolyte-infused drink like coconut water.  

Next, make sure you're getting your essential fatty acids. "Fish oil will help to 'oil' you from the inside out," she says. She recommends 3,000 mg per day of New Chapter's Wholemega, which features a broad spectrum of omega 3s. For super-dry skin, she even suggests taking a therapeutic dose of 6,000 mg/day for a few weeks. 

To boost skin elasticity and encourage cell turnover, Donna recommends two other products:

  • Biosil Hair-Skin-Nails: "People love this one," she says. Biosil contains silicon and choline, which support your body's production of collagen, keratin and elastin, all vital elements in firm skin and strong hair and nails.
  • Vitanica's Skin Assist: Developed by Naturopathic Doctor Tori Hudson, Skin Assist features vitamins, minerals and herbs that work together to balance hormones and promote collagen production.  

Add these to a healthy diet and good hydration and you'll see healthy skin it no time. As, Donna says, "When you nourish your body from the inside, it'll also be reflected on the outside."

Speak with a Pharmaca practitioner about cleansing and replenishing your way to healthier skin.

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