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Enzyme Science Nattokinase Plus 60 vcaps

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Cardiovascular and Circulatory Health

  • Nattokinase blend containing NSK-SD®
  • Promotes healthy circulation
  • Helps maintain healthy cholesterol levels
  • Increases antioxidant activity

Blood pressure is a measurement of the pressure exerted by the blood on the inner walls of the arteries. When blood pressure rises, the heart muscle must work harder to pump the blood effectively throughout the body. Increased blood pressure may be accompanied by imbalanced cholesterol levels and decreased elasticity and diameter of the blood vessels. Risk factors for increased or high blood pressure include a family history of the condition, obesity, smoking and age. Nattokinase PlusTM was formulated to provide enzymatic and antioxidant activity for promoting and maintaining a healthy circulatory system.*

Healthy circulation depends on proper blood clotting and appropriate formation of fibrin, a protein in the blood produced as a response to inflammation. Fibrin is essential to stop excess blood loss in the event of bodily trauma or injury. As the vascular system is triggered with increased inflammation, the body's inflammatory response is activated and fibrin is produced. Excessive cross-linked fibrin circulates through the bloodstream and may stick to the walls of blood vessels. As a result, blood viscosity is increased and blood pressure becomes elevated.

Enzyme-based formulas employ a specialized approach to maintaining cardiovascular health. While there are more than twenty enzymes in the body that assist in clotting the blood, there is only one capable of digesting clots (plasmin). The Nattokinase blend in Nattokinase PlusTM contains NSK-SD® to support healthy circulation by breaking down fibrin and increasing antioxidant activity. Nattokinase, sourced from the fermented soy bean product natto, has been the subject of 17 studies. Included in these scientific studies are two small clinical trials with results indicating a heightened ability to dissolve blood clots and promote healthy blood pressure.

Antioxidant-essential fatty acids are often indicated for cardiovascular wellness, therefore proper fat digestion and assimilation is a major contributing factor in heart heath. Lipid metabolism relies on the fat digesting enzyme lipase, produced by the pancreas. Unfortunately, our enzyme producing organs may become overwhelmed by poor food choices, toxicity, illness or a compromised digestive tract. These factors contribute to a reduction in enzyme production which may lead to enzyme deficiency. A deficiency in the natural production of lipase may adversely affect the digestive system's ability to properly metabolize lipids. Taken on an empty stomach, a high activity supplemental lipase product, such as Nattokinase PlusTM, may support fat metabolism including the removal of cholesterol and triglycerides from the blood.*

Coenzyme Q10 is critical for the production of cellular energy and therefore a crucial component of most heart health protocols. The body's synthesis of CoQ10 declines with age. In addition, conventional cholesterol management medications, such as statin drugs, also inhibit the body's synthesis of this important antioxidant. Supplemental CoQ10 has been shown to support healthy blood pressure levels, strengthen the heart muscle, protect against cellular deterioration and free radical damage, and enhance overall immunity.*

Supplement Facts

Serving Size: 1 vcapsule
Servings per Container: 60

Directions for Use: Take 1 capsule per day on an empty stomach (1/2 hour before or 2 hours after a meal). More may be taken as recommended by your healthcare practitioner.

Other Directions: Consult a physician prior to use if you are pregnant or lactating.

    Amount per Serving
    % Daily Value
  •  Nattokinase Blend
     1500 FU
    Lipase Thera-blend
     3000 FCCFIP

* Daily value not established
These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Other Ingredients
100% Vegetarian Capsule (cellulose, water). Contains No: Dairy, preservatives, salt, sucrose, soy, wheat, yeast, nuts, corn, gluten, casein, potato, rice, artificial colors or flavors.

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