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Almost guiltless Valentine's treats

So what's so great about this sweet treat? Dark chocolate, especially, contains antioxidants that work on a variety of levels. For one, flavonoids in chocolate have been shown to inhibit platelet activity, which may help prevent heart disease. Some chocolate-based compounds also seem to increase good cholesterol levels, and antioxidants help fight off free radicals in the body, a shield against disease. Ready to indulge? Here are some of our favorite chocolates for this year.

Moonstruck Love Bug Truffles
Bug your Valentine with a luxury they'll love. Moonstruck artisans create these adorable truffles from bittersweet dark chocolate, flavor them with real strawberry or raspberry, and hand paint on all the cute, buggy details.
Pharmaca Organic Chocolate Bars
We carefully choose everything that goes into our scrumptious chocolate bars, from the equitably traded and certified-organic cacao we start with to the best Belgian processing. Available in three distinct flavors with varying levels of cacao, our bars taste great and are good for you.
Moonstruck Pink Sea Salt Caramels
One bite of these gooey vanilla-caramel-filled chocolates and you'll be hooked. Covered in milk or dark chocolate, the sweetness of the caramel is offset by tangy pink Himalayan sea salt, formed by ancient seas more than 250 million years ago.
Seth Ellis Sun Cups
For a sweet and salty treat, turn to these Sun Cups-all organic, fair-trade and kosher certified! A perfect alternative to traditional peanut butter cups, these sweet, dark-chocolate cups are filled with sunflower seed butter, ideal for gluten- and peanut-free diets.

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