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Get great skin care advice through MyChelle's Ask Our Esthetician program

If you're ordering online or simply have a question about skin care, take advantage of the Ask Our Esthetician program from MyChelle Dermaceuticals, one of our favorite skin care lines (and a fellow Colorado company!).

Here's how it works:

You come up with a question about MyChelle products, or need some general skin care advice. Want to know which ingredients are best for a humid climate? Or which facial cleanser to use for your skin type? MyChelle's expert estheticians can help.

Next, call MyChelle's toll-free Ask Our Esthetician number: 800.447.2076. Better yet, dial in via Skype, FaceTime or iChat so you can have a face-to-face conversation with the esthetician. Call during normal working hours, and if they're not on the phone with another customer, they'll be able to answer right away.

Skype name: mychelle.dermaceuticals
iChat: onemychelle

Make things even easier by downloading their iPhone App-MyChelle's Pocket Esthetician. With a touch of the screen you'll be able to connect with a real esthetician, or book an appointment for later. (Bonus: the app features MyChelle's skin care tip of the week!).

After your consultation, explore our MyChelle selection at!

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