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Weight Management Supplements: The 30 Day Challenge

This month we invited ten Pharmaca customers to take part in our 30-day Healthy Weight-Management Challenge. They were given one of three of our most popular supplements, and will be updating us all month long on their progress. Here's some information about what they're taking-and what might work best for you.

Natural Factors' PGX
This proprietary fiber formulation helps increase the feeling of fullness, thereby decreasing overall caloric intake. When taken with or before a meal, the viscous fiber expands to fill the stomach, making the consumer feel fuller, faster.    

"PGX is by far the most effective and innovative weight management product that's come out in the last decade," says Don Summerfield, Pharmaca's vice president of integrative medicine. He adds that PGX also offers the standard benefits of a high-fiber diet, including boosting colon and cholesterol health. But, he says, "Make sure you start slow-the high fiber content may cause mild gastric upset." PGX is available in a variety of forms, including capsules, a shake mix and single-serving packets that can be sprinkled on food.    
Natural Factors' Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA)
CLA is a fatty acid that's naturally found in dairy products, beef, poultry, eggs and corn oil. It helps to block fat cells from filling up with fat by interfering with a fat-storing enzyme known as lipoprotein lipase. To create the supplement, Natural Factors' alters linoleic acid from a safflower oil source.

"CLA actually targets fat cells in the abdominal region, and helps to maintain lean muscle mass," says Summerfield. The upshot: By turning to unstored fat for energy, the body does a better job of maintaining muscle mass. And by reducing fat and the loss of lean muscle mass, the body naturally burns more calories.
Genuine Health's lean+ extra strength
This new product contains a number of cutting-edge ingredients that are known to help naturally boost metabolism, including green tea, guarana, cayenne pepper and coleus forskohlii-all of which have clinical studies backing up their use in weight-management formulations. It's already a best-seller at Pharmaca because it offers a safe and natural way to help people shed extra pounds.      

"These ingredients are all great for stimulating metabolism," says Summerfield. "lean+ can be a very effective addition to a healthy diet and exercise."  

As always, it's best to speak with a Pharmaca practitioner to determine the best healthy weight-management program for you. 
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