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Paradise Herbs & Essentials Astragalus 120 vcaps
$34.99save 50%
Now $17.50
Gaia Herbs Astragalus Root 1oz
$12.99save 35%
Now $8.44
Gaia Herbs Astragalus Supreme 60 vcaps
$29.99save 35%
Now $19.49
Pharmaca Astragalus Powder 90 Vegetarian Capsules
$10.99save 20%
Now $8.79
Paradise Herbs & Essentials Astragalus 60 vcaps
$19.99save 50%
Now $10.00
Herb Pharm Astragalus 1 oz
$13.00save 20%
Now $10.40
Gaia Herbs Astragalus Supreme 1oz
$12.99save 35%
Now $8.44
Kyolic Age 103 Astragalus/Vitamin C 100 caps
$15.99save 40%
Now $9.59
Vital Nutrients Astragalus 300mg 90 Caps
Free Shipping
Kyolic Age 103 Astragalus with Vitamin C 200 caps
$25.99save 40%
Now $15.59

At Pharmaca, you can find natural astragalus herbal extracts from brands like Paradise Herbs, Kyolic Age, Vital Nutrients, Gaia Herbs and more. Pharmaca’s selection of natural astragalus extracts can help you support your immune system, leading to health benefits if you’re trying to protect yourself from coughs, colds or upper respiratory infections. Pharmaca carries natural astragalus root liquid extracts and capsules that may also be used as an adaptogen, supporting greater resistance to stress.