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Aroma Comforts InstaHeat Beads Plush Fleece U Neck Roll

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Feel the warm and soothing heat with our InstaHeat Beads, relieve your tired and achy muscles as aromatherapy indulges your senses.

This soothing InstaHeat Beads® Plush Fleece U Neck Roll is uniquely designed to alleviate aches & pains and soothe weary muscles with relaxing aromatherapy. Our InstaHeat Beads are engineered to continuously absorb water molecules from the air. When microwaved, the InstaHeat Beads release moist, deep penetrating heat for soothing relief with Lavender to relax and relieve stress. Enjoy safe and effective therapy, without the use of wires, mess gels, and bacteria & pests associated with grain fill. Length: 8.75", Height: 6.75"

Heat Therapy

To heat, place in clean microwave oven. Heat in 30 second intervals until desired warmth is reached. Do not overheat. Always test for hot spots and overall temperature before use.

Cold Therapy

Place inside clean plastic bag and put in freezer for a minimum of 60 minutes. For optimum performance, place in freezer overnight

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