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Cold & Flu

Less vitamin D, more colds
Are you getting enough vitamin D? The answer may lie in how often you catch a cold...

Test your flu shot facts
Think you know all there is to know about the upcoming flu season?...

The ins and outs of immunization
Are vaccines right for your child?...

Webcast: Dr. Brad Jacobs Answers Your Questions about Integrative Health
Dr. Jacobs discusses integrative health's emerging role in conventional medicine, as well as using an integrative approach to managing your health during cold and flu season.

Boosting your immunity in cold and flu season
Natural remedies provide ways to support your body's natural defense mechanisms...

Esberitox: Super-charged Immunity
Discover why Esberitox is a top-selling immune remedy in Europe...

Giving thanks...and staying well
November 2011 - Give your immunity a little natural boost before heading into the holiday season. Your body will thank you for it!

The integrative approach to immunity
When cold and flu symptoms start attacking, learn how to fight back...