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WishGarden Herbs Allergy Relief Pregnancy 1 oz

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Safe herbal anti-histamines for hayfever. Excellent symptom relieving remedy. No stimulants or sedatives. This formula works quite well once the proper dosage for a person is found, which can be worked up to in small increments. It does not contain the stimulatory herb Ma-Huang, or Ephedra, found in most herbal allergy remedies and the source of pharmaceutical ephedrine or pseudophed. Safe for pregnancy and children.

Supplement Facts

Directions for Use: 3-4 dropperfuls in water. Repeat in 5-10 minutes (double dose) if needed for complete relief.

Active Ingredients
Yerba Santa leaf, Nettles leaf, Echinacea leaf, Echinacea root

Inactive Ingredients
40% vegetable glycerine, 20% pure grain alcohol and Rocky Mountain spring water.

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