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WishGarden Herbs P.M.S. Emotional! 1oz

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  • For cycle-related mood swings, irritability, and emotional fragility.*

Premenstrual syndrome can cause mood swings as hormone levels fluctuate each month. WishGarden Herbs' PMS Emotional! Designed to help relieve cycle-related mood swings such as anger, irritability, and emotional fragility.*

Supplement Facts

Directions for Use: 2-3 droppers full in water for taste. Repeat as needed.

Active Ingredients
Blue Vervain aerials, Burdock root, Motherwort aerials, Passionflower aerials, Scullcap aerials, St John's Wort aerials, Vitex fruit.

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Wishgarden does it again
The WishGarden products are extremely effective. I love this blend to assist during times of emotional PMS. Thank you WishGarden for always coming through.

12/30/2014 5:06 PM

Extremely Effective
I tend to get highly irritable during the week prior to my cycle. This product has balanced out the mood swings associated with PMS. It is a blend of life saving herbs for woman who suffer, like myself. I have a back up bottle on hand at all times. I am a huge fan of all Wish Garden formulas! I highly recommend this product.

1/16/2014 4:32 PM

This product saved my life!
I had to write to you and tell you all my story! I suffered really badly from PMS starting in my early 20's. My Mom suggested I got to the Gyno and get a script for the pill, so I tried that and the pill made my crazy! I cried all the time and wanted to kill myself (I know dramatic!) the Doctor said I was unusually sensitive to the pill/pills I had tried and he offered no other solution. I had heard about a Doctor on the Oprah show who helps women with really extreme cases of PMS. I sought her out, and went to her. She put me on all sorts of vitamins. I went to one of your stores asking for help, they suggested the vita's that the Doctor did, and then they suggested this PMS formula! I took it in conjunction with the Vitamins and I was shocked! For the first time ever! I didn't have any PMS. No emotional uncontrollable mood swings, no hysteria, no nervousness! It cured me! Thanks!

8/22/2011 2:06 PM
White Plains NY

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