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Clear Care Triple Action Cleaning Solution 12oz

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For the feeling of fresh, clean, comfortable lenses, the clear choice is one-bottle Clear Care® Cleaning & Disinfecting Solution.

Clear Care® uses hydrogen peroxide that penetrates the lens and kills germs and bacteria for strong disinfection and deep cleaning.

Hydrogen peroxide is part of the Clear Care® Triple-Action cleaning process. After the hydrogen peroxide provides deep cleaning, a built-in surfactant loosens dirt, debris and deposits. Finally, bubbling action enhances surface protein removal.

Give your eyes the comfort they deserve with Clear Care.®

Drug Facts

Directions for Use: Just remember that Clear Care is different from a multi-purpose solution, so you need to use it a little differently. Read product directions before use.

Other Directions: One of the first things that tells you Clear Care is different is the red ring around the bottle top. This "safety collar" is there as a reminder to you that Clear Care can burn or sting your eyes if you don't use it the right way. Never use Clear Care with a flat lens case. Clear Care only works with the special lens case provided. A fresh lens case is included FREE in each package of Clear Care. Always use the new Clear Care lens case when you open a new package.

Active Ingredients
Hydrogen Peroxide 3%.

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