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Preserve Toothpicks Mint Tea Tree 35 count

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Using a toothpick after a meal freshens your breath and keeps tooth decay at bay. With Preserve Flavored Toothpicks, it can also be delicious habit. They use spicy, all-natural oils for a big burst of flavor. Their mint with tea tree flavor contains peppermint, spearmint, menthol and tea tree oils.

The Toothpicks also meet their high environmental standards. They are manufactured from sustainably harvested birch grown in the USA, and packaged in a pocket-sized canister made from 100% recycled plastic.

-Freshens breath, keeps teeth and gums healthy
-Made of sustainably harvested birch wood grown in the USA
-Flavored with natural oils
-Convenient carrying case made of 100% recycled plastic
Other Label Info: What do they mean when they say that the wood for our toothpicks was sustainably harvested? It means that the wood was carefully selected to minimize disruption to wildlife and to take into account long-term impacts on the forest ecosystem.

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