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Tom's of Maine Floss Flat Antiplaque Spearmint

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Our Natural Antiplaque Flat Floss is made of many strong nylon filaments woven together to prevent snapping or fraying. Prepared with a unique combination of natural waxes, our floss glides smoothly between teeth and is gentle on gums, and its flat shape and broader surface lets you clean each tooth efficiently and thoroughly.
Other Ingredients

Name Purpose Source
Beeswax Ease of use Beehives
Carnauba wax Ease of use Brazilian wax palm tree
Spearmint oil Flavor Leaves of the spearmint herb
Jojoba wax Ease of use Jojoba plant
Acacia Flavor carrier Tree resin
Myrrh Clean, healthy-feeling mouth Resin from the myrrh (Commiphora myrrha) bush
Propolis Natural resins for a clean, healthy-feeling mouth Mixture of tree resin (Propolis cera) gathered by bees

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