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Drug Interactions & Depletions

Common Drug Nutrient Depletions
Here, Dr. Tieraona Low Dog talks about common drug-nutrient depletions, including the magnesium depletions that come from long-term use of proton-pump inhibitors (e.g. Nexium and Prilosec), vitamin B12 depletions from diabetes medications like Metformin and others.

Video: Adverse drug reactions
Dr. Murray briefly explains the side effects caused by adverse drug reactions.

Video: The importance of maintaining magnesium levels
Dr. Ross Pelton discusses the special needs of women taking oral contraceptives, emphasizing the need to maintain a proper calcium/magnesium balance for good bone density and to help avoid osteoporosis. He also explains how blood pressure medications can deplete magnesium and contribute to cardiovascular disease or even heart attacks.

Diminish your depletions
Sometimes prescription relief from discomfort can lead to unwanted side effects...

Video: CoQ10-depleting drugs
Dr. Ross Pelton explains the drugs that deplete Coenzyme Q10 in your body and why it's so important to replace if you want to maintain good cardiovascular health.

What is drug nutrient depletion?
The body can experience reduced levels of important vitamins and minerals due to factors like genetics, poor diet, or high stress. However, studies have shown that long-term use of certain medications can also cause nutrient depletions, sometimes leading to additional symptoms. Read more...