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External Herbal Remedies

External Herbal Remedies

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Vitanica Yeast Arrest 28 suppositories
$30.75save 25%
Now $23.06
Gaia Herbs Oil Of Oregano 60 Caps
$26.99save 35%
Now $17.54
Gaia Herbs Oil Of Oregano 120 Caps
$45.99save 35%
Now $29.89
Vibrant Health RMA Ointment .25 oz
$19.95save 20%
Now $15.96
Quantum Health Super Lysine+ Cold Sore Ointment 7g
$6.99save 23%
Now $5.38
Quantum Health Super Lysine+ Coldstick SPF 21 5g
Peaceful Mountain Eczema Rescue Cream 1oz
$15.95save 20%
Now $12.76
Herb Pharm Original Salve 24g
$9.90save 20%
Now $7.92
Planetary Herbals Horse Chestnut Cream 2 oz
$11.99save 35%
Now $7.79
Peaceful Mountain Shinglederm Rescue Plus 1.4oz
$29.89save 20%
Now $23.91
Peaceful Mountain Joint Rescue Gel 3.5oz
$13.45save 20%
Now $10.76
Quantum Health LipClear Lysine+ Cold Sore Treatment 7g
$6.99save 15%
Now $5.94
WishGarden Herbs AfterBirth Sitzbath 3.5oz
$11.29save 20%
Now $9.03
Quantum Health Super Lysine+ Cold Sore Ointment 21g
$14.99save 23%
Now $11.54
Herb Pharm Arnica Oil 1 oz
$13.00save 20%
Now $10.40
Herbs, Etc. Ivy Itch ReLeaf 1oz
$13.98save 15%
Now $11.88
Quantum Health Herbal Skin Crack Cream 2oz
$9.99save 25%
Now $7.49
Herb Pharm Trauma Oil Compound 1oz
$13.00save 20%
Now $10.40
Herb Pharm Calendula Succus 1 oz
$12.00save 20%
Now $9.60
WishGarden Herbs Herp-Elim Salve 1oz
$7.99save 20%
Now $6.39
Herbs, Etc. Dermacillin Spray 1oz
$13.98save 15%
Now $11.88

These natural herbal balms, salves and creams contain soothing blends of herbs that promote healthy, natural healing of cracked lips, cold sores, chapped lips, dry skin and other troublesome skin conditions. Pharmaca’s selection of external herbal remedies includes muscle rubs and lotions to soothe sore muscles, relieve pain, repair damaged skin and provide relief for itchy skin. At Pharmaca, we carry external herbal remedies from great brands like Gaia Herbs, Badger, Herb Pharm, Herbs etc., Wishgarden Herbs and more.