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What are your Five Steps to Beautiful Skin?

May is natural beauty month at Pharmaca, and we want to help you find the natural skin care regimen that's best for your skin type. That's why we've developed this handy questionnaire that can help our estheticians guide you toward your five steps to beautiful skin.  

You can either print out and fill in a PDF version, or ask for a copy in our stores.

1) What's your skin type? (circle one)
Dry            Oily            Combination

2) What is your age range?
__Under 25            __25-40            __41-55            __56-70            __71

3) List any skin allergies or sensitivities (e.g. fragrance)________________

4) What are your biggest skin concerns?

__Sun spots
__Dark circles

5) How often do you:
Apply masks______

6) How often do you wear sunblock?

__Every day            __Only when I'm in the sun for a few hours            __Rarely

7) What type of sun protection do you prefer?

__In mineral makeup                        __In a moisturizer            __On its own

8) What is your preferred price range for individual skin care products?

__$10-20            __$20-35            __$35            

9) List anything else you'd like the esthetician to know about your skin:___________

Esthetician's recommendations




Sun Protection: ________________________     

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