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Emerita Cotton Tampons - Super Plus 14 count

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12,000-that's how many tampons the average woman will use in her lifetime. What you put in your body matters. When Emerita started reading conventional tampon boxes and saw what was in them-rayon, polyester, fiber finishes-they were surprised, but after learning about the processing these ingredients go through they were shocked! So Emerita decided women deserve an education, and a smarter choice.100% Organic Cotton Tampons. Organic means pesticide-free. Chlorine-free means free from dioxin, a known carcinogen. Fragrance-free means no chemical perfumes. Their tampons are also rayon-free and hypoallergenic, which means less risk of irritation. The applicator is made of biodegradable cardboard and has a smooth, rounded tip for easy insertion. The vagina is one of the most chemically-absorbent places in the body, so it's important to give it some love. Why aren't all tampons made this way? Emerita doesn't know. Women deserve a choice, and they deserve cotton.

Absorbent core, 100% Certified Organic Cotton; Overwrap, Organic Cotton Nonwoven; Withdrawal Cord, Cotton Cord and Policotton Sewing Yarn; Applicator, Cardboard; Protective Wrap, Cellulose Paper.

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