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Seventh Generation Chlorine Free Tampons, Super Plus 20 Count

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Organic cotton in safer for you, safer for farmers to grown, and safer to our environment. We believe our certified organic cotton chlorine free tampons are the safest tampons you can find.

100% certified organic cotton
Not whitened with chlorine
Safer for sensitive skin- no dyes or fragrances
Reliable protection for moderate flow
No applicator

Drug Facts

Directions for Use: Select the minimum absorbency to control your menstrual flow and reduce the risk of getting TSS. Absorbency ranges and terms are standard for all tampons industry-wide.

Junior = Less then 6 grams
Regular = 6 - 9 grams
Super = 9 - 12 grams
Super Plus =10???????????????????????????????

Other Directions: Attention: Tampons are associated with Toxic Shock Syndrome (TSS), a rare but serious disease that may cause death. Please read and save the enclosed information. The risk of TSS increases with higher absorbency, so you should use the lowest absorbency that meets your needs. Tampons come in standardized industry-wide absorbancies. Use the following chart to compare absorbancies of all tampons.

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