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About Fieldworks Supply Company Products

Harnessing the benefits of natural, mineral-rich clays, Fieldworks Supply Company makes balms, cleansers and shave products for men. Fieldworks Supply Company’s hand-made, small-batch grooming supplies utilize bentonite clay, combined with beneficial oils and plant extracts, to exfoliate and cleanse away dirt and grime. Pharmaca carries Fieldworks’ shave products (Another Close Shave Gel, Face of Danger After-Shave Elixir, and Razor’s Edge Face & Shave Soap), soaps (Bar None Body Brick, Good Clean Mud Hand Cleanser, and Hose Off 2-In-1 Body Wash) and skin lotion (Weather Ready Hand Repair, Feet of Endurance Protective Foot Balm).

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Fieldworks Supply Company Another Close Shave Gel 4.8oz
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Now $9.29
Fieldworks Supply Company Bar None Body Brick 5.8oz
$9.99save 15%
Now $8.49