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Floradix Iron 4 Results

Floradix Iron

About Floradix Products

Floradix products are formulated to provide necessary recommended levels of iron. Carried online and in-store at Pharmaca, Floradix helps prevent iron deficiencies that can lead to fatigue and low energy. Floradix’s liquid supplements ensure fast absorption and assimilation in your body, and also feature products that provide necessary vitamins and minerals such as Liquid Calcium, Liquid Magnesium, Liquid Calcium Magnesium + Zinc & Vitamin D, and Kinder Love Children’s Liquid Multivitamin.

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Floradix Iron Tablets 80 count
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Now $20.63
Floradix Iron + Herbs 8.5 oz
$26.79save 20%
Now $21.43
Floradix Iron + Herbs 17oz
$45.79save 20%
Now $36.63
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Floradix Floravital Iron + Herbs 17oz
$45.79save 20%
Now $36.63
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