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Chocolate: Delicious? Yes. Superfruit? That too.

What makes dark chocolate dark?
While there are no official regulations, dark chocolate commonly has no milk solids, or at least a much smaller proportion than milk chocolate.  

And what is white chocolate anyway?
According to the FDA, white chocolate is made from at least 20% cocoa butter (but not cocoa solids) in addition to sugar and milk.  

Chocolate: Delicious? Yes. A superfruit? That too.

If you love chocolate, you'll love this news. According to a study published this month in the Chemistry Central Journal, chocolate beats out many other superfruits for total antioxidant content (and yes, you read that right-chocolate comes from the "fruit" of the cacao tree).

In the study, researchers compared the antioxidant capacity of cocoa powder and other fruit powders, including blueberry, pomegranate and cranberry. Cocoa powder was found to have a greater antioxidant capacity and more total flavanols, which, as the study notes, have been associated with numerous health benefits, including improved blood flow, decreased blood pressure, and anti-inflammatory actions.

True, cocoa powder isn't the same thing as a candy bar, but you can look to dark chocolate to have the greatest cocoa content and the least amount of added sugars.

Here are a few that are good for you and your valentine:

Green & Black's Dark 85%
Smooth dark chocolate softened with real vanilla
Dagoba Eclipse
87% cocoa barely sweetened with a hint of coffee flavor
Nirvana Organic Dark Chocolate with Pomegranate
72% cocoa combined with another delicious superfruit
Pharmaca Dark
Made from organic, fair trade chocolate in 78% and 70% cocoa contents

Visit Pharmaca this weekend to stock up on your antioxidant-rich Valentine's Day chocolates!

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