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Pharmaca High Allicin Garlic 500 mg Odor Free 60 Vegetarian Tablets
$11.49save 20%
Now $9.19
Natural Factors GarlicRich Super Strength Garlic Concentrate 190 softgels
$35.95save 30%
Now $25.17
Dr. Mercola Fermented Black Garlic 60 capsules
$21.21save 20%
Now $16.97
Herb Pharm Mullien Garlic Compound 1 oz
$13.00save 20%
Now $10.40
Enzymatic Therapy Garlinase Fresh 30 Tabs
$12.49save 50%
Now $6.25
Kyolic Age Hi Potency Yeast Free 200 caps
$24.99save 40%
Now $14.99
Kyolic Age 104 Lecithin 100 caps
$14.99save 40%
Now $8.99
Kyolic Garlic Reserve 600 mg 60 caps
$16.99save 40%
Now $10.19
Enzymatic Therapy Garlinase Fresh 100 Tabs
$30.99save 50%
Now $15.50
Kyolic Age 103 Astragalus/Vitamin C 100 caps
$15.99save 40%
Now $9.59
Kyolic Age 103 Astragalus with Vitamin C 200 caps
$25.99save 40%
Now $15.59

Pharmaca carries garlic concentrates and garlic extracts that isolate the beneficial properties of garlic, helping you support a healthier immune system and cardiovascular system. Other benefits may include support for healthy cholesterol levels, better circulation, liver function and nerves, while also assisting with fighting stress and fatigue. These natural garlic extracts contain high concentrations of allicin, an antioxidant naturally found in garlic that supports overall health and wellbeing. Pharmaca’s selection of garlic concentrates and extracts include odor-controlled softgels, giving you all the benefits of garlic – without the bad breath. At Pharmaca, you’ll also find garlic extracts fortified with astragalus and lecithin, further adding to health benefits. These natural garlic extracts and concentrates were formulated by great brands like Natural Factors, Enzymatic Therapy, Herb Pharm and Kyolic.