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GladRags $10 - $20 5 Results

$10 - $20

About GladRags Products

Pharmaca carries reusable menstrual cups and pads from GladRags, available in different colors, sizes and styles. GladRags creates their pads from organic cotton without the use of plastics or perfumes for a greener, healthier choice. Pharmaca’s selection of GladRags pads comes in 3-count and 1-count sizes for both daytime and nighttime. Pharmaca also offers menstrual cups from GladRags, made from soft, non-latex, medical-grade silicone.

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GladRags Organic Undyed Day Pad 1 count
GladRags Color Cotton Day Pad 1 count
GladRags Color Night Time Pads 1 count
GladRags Color Pantyliner Regular Cotton 1 count