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Herbal Throat Sprays

Herbal Throat Sprays

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Honey Gardens Apitherapy Propolis Spray 1oz
$11.49save 25%
Now $8.62
Natura Health Products Throat & Gland Spray 2oz
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Olbas Inhaler .28 oz
$5.95save 45%
Now $3.27
Herbs, Etc. Singer's® Honey Lemon Throat Spray 1 oz
$13.68save 15%
Now $11.63
Pharmaca Throat Care Relief Alcohol Free Spray 1 Fluid Ounce
$10.99save 20%
Now $8.79
Herbs, Etc. Singer's Professional Strength Throat Spray Alcohol Free 1oz
$14.68save 15%
Now $12.48
Herb Pharm Soothing Throat Spray 1oz
$13.00save 20%
Now $10.40
Gaia Herbs Echinacea Goldenseal Propolis Throat Spray 1oz
$13.99save 35%
Now $9.09
Herbs, Etc. Singer's® Extra Strength Throat Spray 1 oz
$13.68save 15%
Now $11.63
Herbs, Etc. Singer's® Cool Mint Throat Spray 1 oz
$13.68save 15%
Now $11.63
Herbs, Etc. Singer's® Citrus & Honey Throat Spray Alcohol Free 1 oz
$14.68save 15%
Now $12.48
Gaia Herbs Throat Shield Spray 1 oz
$24.99save 35%
Now $16.24

These natural herbal throat sprays are perfect remedies for sore throats, hoarseness, coughs, colds or other conditions that cause inflammation to throats. Pharmaca’s selection of herbal throat sprays coat the throat with soothing extracts of medicinal plants, like mint, echinacea, baptisia, poke, yerba mansa root and goldenseal root, providing quick, natural relief for irritated throats. At Pharmaca, you’ll find natural herbal throat sprays and throat relief from great brands like Gaia Herbs, Herbs Etc., Herb Pharm and more.