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Homeopathic Baby and Children's Remedies

Homeopathic Baby and Children's Remedies

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Similasan Kids Irritated Eye Relief 0.33oz
$11.99save 25%
Now $8.99
Similasan Kids Allergy Eye Relief 0.33oz
$10.99save 25%
Now $8.24
Hylands Teething Tablets 135 tabs
$10.29save 25%
Now $7.72
Hyland's Baby Gas Drops 1oz
$13.99save 25%
Now $10.49
Hylands 4 Kids Cold 'n Cough 4oz
$11.69save 25%
Now $8.77
Boiron Cocyntal 15 Doses
$8.49save 20%
Now $6.79
Boiron Camilia 30 doses
$12.99save 25%
Now $9.74
Boiron Camilia 15 doses
$8.49save 25%
Now $6.37
Hylands Teething Gel Paraben Free .5 oz
$7.59save 25%
Now $5.69
Hylands Calms Forte 4 Kids 125 tabs
$7.99save 25%
Now $5.99
Boiron Chestal For Children Cough Syrup 4.2 oz
$7.39save 25%
Now $5.54
Boiron Chestal For Children Cough Syrup 8.45 oz
$11.99save 25%
Now $8.99
Hylands Colic Tablets 125 tabs
$9.99save 25%
Now $7.49
Similasan Kids Ear Relief Ear Drops 0.33oz
$11.99save 25%
Now $8.99

These homeopathic remedies offer kids, babies and children quick relief for colds, teething pain, throat irritation, irritated eyes, ear infections and more. Pharmaca carries natural cough suppressants that are safe for children and babies, providing relief to sore throats, coughs and colds. Pharmaca’s selection of homeopathic remedies includes products from Boiron, Hylands and Similasan. These products don’t contain aspirin, acetaminophen or ibuprofen, to ensure they’re safe for babies and children.