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Honey Gardens 6 Results

Honey Gardens

About Honey Gardens

Honey Gardens is committed to offering the highest quality Apitherapy raw honey and plant allies made from truly raw honey, flower pollen, propolis and medicinal plants. Honey Gardens products, carried at Pharmaca, include Propolis Throat Spray, Wild Cherry Syrup and Organic Elderberry Extract to support overall respiratory health.

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Honey Gardens Blueberry Raw Honey 16oz
Honey Gardens Ginger Honey Syrup 8oz
$20.19save 25%
Now $15.14
Honey Gardens Elderberry Honey Syrup 8oz
$20.59save 30%
Now $14.41
Honey Gardens Wild Cherry Bark Honey Syrup 4oz
Honey Gardens Wild Cherry Bark Honey Syrup 8oz
$18.69save 30%
Now $13.08
Honey Gardens Apitherapy Propolis Spray 1oz
$11.49save 25%
Now $8.62