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Grab Green Garbage Disposal Freshener & Cleaner - Red Pear with Magnolia 12 pods

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Brighten & liven up your kitchen with GrabGreen's new Garbage Dispsoal Freshener & Cleaner pods. One nifty dissolvable pod removes odors, helps prevent clogging and loosens grime. No harsh chemicals here, made with naturally-derived ingredients, so that means no chlorine or phosphates. You can smell the difference.

Rid the stinky odors from your garbage disposal with Grab Green's powerfully formulated freshener and cleaner. Made with naturally derived ingredients, GrabGreen's formula is made without chlorine and phosphates but still has the 1-2 punch to prevent clogging and loosen grime.

An enticing blend of crisp red pear with white magnolia blossom and dew-covered greens.

Disposal Cleaner
Use one pod for cleaning and freshening.

1. grab a pod & toss pod into garbage disposal
2. turn on cold water and disposal
3. reseal pouch for freshness

These pods work beautifully in any garbage disposal model.
Disposal Cleaner

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