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Advil Caplets 200mg 100 count

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Relief in a caplet. Nothing's stronger, longer lasting or better on your tough aches and pains than Advil®.* And nothing works on more pains than Advil®.*

Use Advil® tablets, caplets and gel caplets for headaches, minor arthritis and other joint pain, muscle aches, backaches, menstrual pain, and aches and pains of the common cold. In fact, to treat their own aches and pains, the medicine doctors use most is the medicine in Advil®.┼

For 25 years, millions of people have trusted Advil® to relieve their aches and pains.

*Among OTC pain relievers. ┼Based on a survey of doctors

Drug Facts

Serving Size: 1 caplet
Servings per Container: 100

Directions for Use: do not take more than directed
the smallest effective dose should be used
adults and children 12 years and over: take 1 caplet every 4 to 6 hours while symptoms persist
if pain or fever does not respond to 1 caplet, 2 caplets may be used
do not exceed 6 caplets in 24 hours, unless directed by a doctor
children under 12 years: ask a doctor

Active Ingredients
Ibuprofen (200 mg).

Inactive Ingredients
Acetylated monoglycerides, colloidal silicon dioxide, corn starch, croscarmellose sodium, methylparaben, microcrystalline cellulose, pharmaceutical glaze, pharmaceutical ink, povidone, pregelatinized starch, propylparaben, sodium benzoate, sodium lauryl sulfate, stearic acid, sucrose, synthetic iron oxide, titanium dioxide, white wax.

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