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Flora Manuka Health New Zealand MGO 100+ Manuka Honey Blend 8.75oz

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The World's Most Effective Anti-bacterial Honey*

  • MGOTM verified Methylglyoxal content*
  • 5 different scientifically proven strengths*
  • The higher the MGOTM content, the stronger the antibacterial activity.

MGOTM Manuka Honey Unique to New Zealand

For centuries, the aboriginal people of New Zealand used the manuka bush in folk medicine. Bark and leaves were boiled, the vapor inhaled for head colds, the liquid rubbed on rheumatic joints and ingested to stomach upsets and dysentery. Bark was also used topically for skin diseases.

Wild & Wonderful

MGOTM Manuka Honey is sourced from remote regions where there are no signs of civilization. In these pristine settings, the manuka bush grows wild. The bush flowers for only four weeks each year and during this time, the beehives need to be at full strength and located close to large areas of manuka bush for gathering nectar. Manuka Health has invested in its own beekeeping operation to secure access to high quality manuka. All incoming honey is tested and graded according to a range of quantitative and qualitative measures. Laboratory tests monitor the MGOTM content of every drum in storage as well as the finished product.

The Methylglyoxal Factor

In 2006, German scientist, Dr. Thomas Henle, determined that Dietary Methylglyoxal is the dominant constituent of Manuka Honey from New Zealand and that Methylglyoxal is exclusively responsible for its stable anti-bacterial activity.

Dr. Henle and his research team isolated the Methylglyoxal compound in the manuka flower and discovered that Methylglyoxal has the ability to kill bacteria growing in a laboratory situation. The researchers identified the anti-bacterial properties of Dietary Methylglyoxal by testing more than 80 honeys from around the world. They found MGO levels as high as 700 mg/kg in some New Zealand manuka honeys, more than 70 times higher than ordinary honey.

Manuka Health's MGOTM Manuka Honey is the only food in the world with a scientifically demonstrated high Dietary Methylglyoxal content. Always look for MGO certification to ensure your honey is effective.

Dr. Henle is a professor at the Technical University of Dresden and the director of the school's Institute of Food Chemistry, a world leader in food analysis. In the journal "Molecular Nutrition and Food Research" in January 2008, Dr. Henle reported that the Dresden study "unambiguously demonstrates for the first time that Methylglyoxal is directly responsible for the anti-bacterial activity of manuka honey."

As a result of his research, the certified MGO system has become the new standard for measuring the Dietary Methylglyoxal content of manuka honey.

MGOTM 100+ Manuka Honey

The MGOTM 100+ Manuka Honey has been tested and is certified to contain at least 100 mg/kg of dietary methylglyoxal, a natural compound found in significant quantities in only some Manuka Honey produced from the wild, uncultivated manuka plant in New Zealand.

Supplement Facts

Serving Size: 1 tablespoon (15g)
Servings per Container: 16

Directions for Use: Take a teaspoon full of the honey right from the jar in the morning and the evening or anytime of day. You can also mix the honey with warm water and drink it as a beverage.

Other Directions: Not suitable for children under 4 years of age.

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These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Other Ingredients
Manuka Honey.

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Great for singers
This honey is fantastic paired with lemon and hot water. It feels so great on an aching throat, and whether or not it possesses "magical" qualities, I sincerely recommend this honey for those who want something to coat their throats.

10/3/2013 1:29 PM

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