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Intimina Laselle Kegel Routine

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The Laselle Kegel Routine is the ultimate training solution for strengthening your pelvic floor muscles in an easy and effective way. Keeping these muscles healthy is essential to reducing the risk of incontinence, preparing for and recovering from childbirth, as well as maintaining vaginal tightness for improved sensations during intimacy.

This complete workout set includes 3 Kegel exercisers of varying weights that can be used individually or combined to effectively build pelvic floor strength and tone. Worn internally, the spherical shaped weight provides a solid object to flex your muscles around and emits subtle vibrations during movement to confirm that it is correctly placed.

Staying true to Dr. Kegel's original method, our exercisers enable you to develop the correct technique of lifting upwards and squeezing. Progressing to higher weight levels and then combining multiple exercisers for a more advanced routine promises an efficient and effective pelvic floor workout. Easy-to-use, discreet and completely body-safe, the Laselle Kegel Routine will help you to reach the peak of your intimate health.

5 reasons you'll love training with Laselle

  • Made of 100% body-safe silicone
  • Easy-to-use progressive weight training
  • Up to 6 weight combinations
  • Quickly see and feel results
  • Completely personalized training

Absolute care for your pelvic floor

Your pelvic muscles are crucial for bladder and bowel control, a healthy pregnancy, and preservation of vaginal strength. Common health concerns such as incontinence, loss of vaginal tightness, or pelvic weakness can now be managed and overcome. With 1-in-3 women suffering from a pelvic floor disorder, protection of your intimate health is paramount.

Pelvic floor strengthening offers health benefits to women of all ages

Any woman at any age*

  • Prevent & overcome incontinence
  • Prevent & reduce pelvic organ prolapse symptoms
  • Tone & tighten for improved intimacy

Aspiring mothers*

  • Strengthen & prepare vital muscles involved in supporting a healthy pregnancy
  • Maintain continence during pregnancy
  • Improve postnatal pelvic floor recovery

New mothers*

  • Recover & restore pelvic floor strength
  • Strengthen & tone for increased tightness

Pre and post menopause

  • Prevent & overcome incontinence
  • Prevent pelvic organ prolapse and associated symptoms of menopause

Due to the nature of the product, we cannot accept returns or exchanges.

Locate your pelvic floor muscles:
Feel your pelvic floor muscles by inserting one lubricated finger approximately 2cm inside your vagina. Rest your finger against the internal sidewalls as you squeeze and lift your anus, urethra, & vagina to feel your pelvic floor muscles contracting. A Kegel exercise should feel similar to the movements that start and stop urine flow.

Insert Laselle:
Clean Laselle before & after each use, ideally with a purpose-made solution such as the Intimina Accessory Cleaner. Keeping the retraction cord outside the body, insert the Laselle weight approximately 2cm inside the vagina, using some water-based lubricant for added comfort.

Find your most comfortable position:
We recommend that beginners or those with a weak pelvic floor start in a lying down position since it effectively exercises the muscles with minimal exertion. For the best results, you should be able to comfortably use your exercisers while standing, as lifting against gravity adds resistance to the training.

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