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Kegel Exercisers 9 Results


Kegel Exercisers

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About Intimina Products

Improve your sexual health with different Intimina products, including toys, kegel exercise weights, and monthly menstrual spa tablets. These products improve feminine health and restore your body’s natural balance.

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Intimina Laselle Kegel Routine
$36.99save 10%
Now $33.29
Sinclair Institute OPTIMA Vaginal Toning & Pleasure Balls
$23.99save 10%
Now $21.59
LELO Femme Luna Beads Mini Kegel Weights
$45.99save 10%
Now $41.39
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LELO Femme Luna Beads Noir Kegel Weights
$33.99save 10%
Now $30.59
LELO Femme Luna Beads Kegel Weights
$46.99save 10%
Now $42.29
Free Shipping
Intimina Laselle Kegel Exerciser 38g
$12.99save 10%
Now $11.69
Intimina Laselle Kegel Exerciser 28g
$12.99save 10%
Now $11.69
Intimina Laselle Kegel Exerciser 48g
$12.99save 10%
Now $11.69
Natural Contours ENERGIE Kegel Exerciser
$48.99save 10%
Now $44.09
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