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About Klorane Products

Pharmaca carries Klorane shampoo, make-up remover and conditioner, including Oat Milk Shampoo, Oat Milk Conditioner, Klorane dry shampoo, Floral Water Make-up Remover and more. Klorane products are made from plant-based ingredients that work to clean, nourish and restore hair, leaving it soft and bouncy without the use of chemicals.

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Klorane Floral Water Make-up Remover 3.38oz
$9.99save 10%
Now $8.99
Klorane Eye Make-Up Remover 3.38oz
$9.99save 10%
Now $8.99
Klorane Dry Shampoo Oat Milk Aerosol Travel Size 1.06oz
$8.99save 10%
Now $8.09