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A guy's guide to health and happiness

A Guy's Guide to Health and Happiness
We know you like going to the doctor about as much as you like asking for directions. That's why Pharmaca's preventive philosophy is ever-so-workable for men. Our stores provide a full range of products that support men's health so you can feel great and get on your way.

Support Your Heart
According to the Department for Health and Human Services, one in three men develops some form of heart disease before the age of 60. Reduce your risk by making healthy lifestyle choices, like exercising, eating right and not smoking. Cara Phillipo, a naturopathic doctor at the Mill Valley Pharmaca, also recommends fish oil to patients unless they are on blood thinners. She often combines this preventive treatment with magnesium to reduce blood pressure and a cholesterol-lowering formula like Natura's Cho-Less for a heart loving trio.

Baby Your Skin
By spending five minutes a day taking care of your skin, you can sport rugged good looks without quite so much rugged. Simply start and end your day with a no-frills-added regimen. Use a face wash suited to your skin type, like Sanitas Salicylic Herbal Cleanser for oily skin or Pharmaca Green Tea and Honey Cleanser for sensitive skin. Apply a toner to rebalance the skin and finish with a moisturizer.

Lose Your Belly
Eating small, regular meals and exercising at least five days a week is a healthy way to get rid of belly fat. Begin each day with a healthy meal since breakfast skippers are almost five times more likely to be obese, according to researchers at the University of Massachusetts Medical School. Joseph Breton, a naturopathic doctor at Pharmaca in Boulder, suggests eating up to six times per day. A former body building competitor, Joseph also says to eat right after your workout for maximum energy replenishment and nutrient absorption.

Love Your Lady
A healthy sex life is an important part of a healthy relationship. Fortunately, there are many helpful options for anyone who would like a boost in the bedroom. Cara often recommends a good adrenal support formula to make sure the energy system is functioning well, such as Native Man by New Chapter. Additionally, early evidence has shown the amino acid arginine to be helpful for erectile dysfunction according to the Mayo Clinic. Pharmaca offers arginine supplements in capsule form, many of which are specifically formulated for men's sexual vitality.

Hit the Pillow
A 2008 National Sleep Foundation Survey found that sleep disorders affect about 10 percent of people. Since most experts recommend getting between seven to nine hours of sleep every night, consider turning to supplements next time you reluctantly turn on the light. Cara finds that a combination of GABA and theanine, like that found in Natural Factors Tranquil Sleep formula, works not only well, but also quickly. She recommends taking this supplement away from food for the best results. Lights out.

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