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Preserve Razor Triple Blade

Price $7.99



Two Triple Blade Cartridges included with one handle (random color)

The Preserve Razor Triple provides a close and comfortable shave. Its patent-pending handle is made from recycled materials and is completely recyclable*. To replace the blade - just squeeze in the arms, pop off the blade cartridge and press in a new Preserve Razor Triple blade! The Preserve Razor Triple's packaging is a reusable travel case and is made from renewable wood sources. It can also be recycled through Recycline's postage-paid mail-back program.

Innovative Design:
* Ergonomic handle with contours and gripping regions enhance performance and control.
* Triple blades provide a smooth, close shave.
* Titanium coating ensures long life of blades.

* 100% recycled plastics in handle, with at least 65% recycled Stonyfield® yogurt cups.
* Innovative, one-piece handle design reduces resources consumed in manufacturing.
* 100% recyclable handle*.
Other Label Info: *Handle is completely recyclable in communities with #5 plastics recycling or through Recycline's postage-paid mail-back program.

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