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About Naturade Products

Naturade products available at Pharmaca include herbal expectorants and stool softeners for gentle relief from colds and constipation. Naturade expectorants use herbal formulas to loosen phlegm and mucus from the bronchial passageways, helping you breathe easier during a cold or the flu.

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Naturade Expectorant 8.8 oz
$12.99save 10%
Now $11.69
Naturade Expectorant 4.2 oz
$7.99save 10%
Now $7.19
Naturade Expectorant II 8.8 oz
$12.99save 10%
Now $11.69
Naturade Softex Stool Softener 60 Tabs
$9.99save 10%
Now $8.99