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Evian Facial Water Spray 5oz

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Its unique mineral balance and neutral pH makes evian® Facial Spray the perfect freshen-upper for all skin types. The millions of tiny micro-droplets are instantly absorbed, moisturizing the upper layers of hot thirsty skin, any time anywhere. Safe, natural nitrogen is used to propel the droplets (80% of the air we breathe is nitrogen) while not harming the ozone layer.

The benefits of using Evian Mineral Water Facial Spray:

  • With each misting, Evian Brumisateur (Brew-meez-ah-tour) Facial Spray hydrates, tones, and refreshes normal, dry, oily and sensitive skin. French women, famous for their beauty savvy, have long depended on the special benefits of Evian Facial Spray as part of their daily skin care regime.
  • Regular moisturizers are not enough. In the morning and evening, after cleansing, pat skin dry. Spray face to a soak with Evian Facial Spray (because each micro-droplet is propelled under high pressure, skin will absorb). Wait a few moments and pat excess dry. Apply moisturizer. The Brumisateur helps improve the effectiveness of any moisturizer or skin care product used with it.
  • Sets makeup. Holding the canister a bit further from the face, a light misting helps revive cosmetic colors throughout the day. This allows the upper layers of the skin to be re-hydrated several times a day without removing makeup. And this is why Evain Spray helps improve the performance of all color cosmetics.
  • The Evian canister is sterilized and sealed under strict sanitary conditions (unlike do-it-yourself sprays) so there is never any leaking or contamination.

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