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Sit comfortably all day long with BackJoy SitSmart Posture Plus

The BackJoy SitSmart Posture Plus is an innovative, proven sitting device that provides natural, safe and effective back pain relief by automatically optimizing your posture—anytime and anywhere you sit. Its easy-to-use, patented design works from the bottom up by tilting your hips upright and "floating" your spine in a comfortable cradle above the sitting surface.

Its portable and lightweight design works in any seat so you can feel more comfortable, supported and less fatigued after sitting for long periods of time. Durable (and waterproof) base and covering provide long-term use.

BackJoy SitSmart Posture Plus Features:

  • Natural, safe and effective back pain relief
  • Patented, easy-to-use design creates optimal posture
  • Maximum comfort for longer periods of sitting
  • Works in any seat—office, car, home—or anywhere you sit!
  • Tilts the pelvis upright to engage core muscles
  • Weatherproof

BackJoy's Active Stabilization Technology:

See the difference with and without Backjoy

Without BackJoy, your pelvis tilts backward, creating a C-shaped slouch. Muscles that are supposed to hold your back erect become flattened and are useless under your bodyweight. Your bottom spreads, nerves can be pinched, and circulation may be cut off.

When you sit with a BackJoy, everything changes. It tilts your pelvis and spine upright into a naturally supported position, moving pressure and strain away from your lower back. It cups your gluteus muscles and floats your pelvis above the sitting surface giving you optimal posture, effortlessly. For the first time, you'll actually feel your core muscles engaged while you sit.

Drug Facts:

SitSmart Size Guide:

If you are deciding between the SitSmart and SitSmart Mini sizes, we highly recommend upsizing to the SitSmart standard size. The SitSmart Mini is designed mainly for children. Adults with extremely petite frames and shorter statures may choose the SitSmart Mini.

BackJoy SitSmart Size Guide

Drug Facts

Directions for Use: Directions for Use:

1. Sit on top of it: The handle goes in front and between your legs.
2. Pull it tight and cup to fit: Feel it cup and lift your hips above the seat from below you
3. Remove it and feel the difference without: Without BackJoy, your body slumps and your bottom flattens…ouch!


15" L X 12.75" W X 4" H

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I have used the Backjoy for about six months now. After having chronic low back pain for years, this is the first time something works so consistently. Seriously, I rairly have back or neck pain any more. I even have workmates that borrow/steal my Backjoy when I'm not there!

2/22/2015 1:20 AM

I always sit in my BACK JOY to relieve my low back pain within 15 minutes.
I have severe chronic low back pain and I find all I need to do is sit down in the BACK JOY for 15 minutes and my pain is relieved temporarily. This will be the 4th BACK JOY I own. I have a "portable one" that I take with me everywhere I go. BEST INVENTION EVER!!

4/18/2012 9:19 AM
Penelope Parker
Fairbanks, AK

4/18/2012 9:09 AM
Penelope Parker
Fairbanks, AK

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