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Breathe Clear Nasal Strips Tan Small 30 count

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Breathe Clear products are designed and engineered to provide customers with improved performance and satisfaction. From comfort to results, they are confident once you give their patented Breath Clear Nasal Strips a try you won't settle for any other brand out there.

  • A drug free solution
  • No drowsiness or side effects
  • Hypoallergenic and 100% latex free
  • Opens congested nasal passages more deeply
  • Enhances your air intake during athletic or aerobic activities
  • Padded strips are comfortable to wear during sleep or sports activities
  • Helps eliminate snoring by reducing nasal airflow resistance
  • Medical grade adhesive adheres quickly and easily and holds until removed
  • New technology works without stiff plastic strips bent across the nose bridge
  • Unique patented Dual Lift design offers a more adjustable custom fit
  • Designed to fit all nose shapes and sizes

Drug Facts

Directions for Use:

Applying Breath Clear Nasal Strips

To enable the Breathe Clear® Nasal Strip to have the best adhesion, and to receive the best results, use warm soap and water to wash your nose so it is clean and oil free before application. Dry thoroughly.

If your skin is naturally more oily than normal, we suggest you use an astringent to prepare your nose.

Carefully remove a Breathe Clear Nasal Strip from its protective backing. To ensure the longest product effectiveness, be careful to limit touching the adhesive more than necessary.

With the rounded edge at the bottom and the angled edge at the top, place one end of the strip so that it is in the crease where your nose meets your cheek just above the nostril flare. Press in place.

Holding that side of the strip down, stretch the other side of the strip across your nose bridge and find a location above the nostril flare on the other side of your nose, again where the nasal wall meets the cheek. Press in place.

The pull and stretch method is what enables the Breathe Clear Nasal Strips to work without painful plastic strips extending over the bridge of your nose.

Press the entire length of the strip for about 20 seconds to ensure maximum adhesion.

Removing Breathe Clear® Nasal Strips

Because the medical grade adhesive used on Breathe Clear Nasal Strips is stronger than other nasal strip adhesives, use warm soapy water to moisten the nose and loosen the edges of the strip before removing. By gently loosening the edges, the Breathe Clear® Nasal Strip should easily slide off.

Rinse nose with warm water to remove any residue.

Do not remove strip while nose is dry.

If the surface of your nose feels dry after using Breathe Clear Nasal Strips, use a facial moisturizer after removing the strip.

To avoid possible skin irritation it is suggested that nas

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