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Emerita Cotton Pantyliners - Ultra Thin 24 count

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The vagina is a delicate ecosystem. Give it some love. Most pantyliners are made with plastic coversheets and synthetic fillers. Choose pantyliners that are pure, breathable cotton. Cotton naturally wicks away moisture and allows airflow to your delicate parts. Emerita's pantyliners are only 100% Natural Cotton, which means lower risk of vaginal irritation. Organic means pesticide-free. Chlorine-free means free from dioxin, a known carcinogen. Fragrance-free means no chemical perfumes. And itch-free and hypoallergenic mean less risk of irritation. The Ultra Thin Pantyliners are individually wrapped and specifically designed to guard against leaks. Why aren't all pantyliners made this way? Emerita doesn't know. Women deserve a choice, because what you put next to your skin matters.

100% Natural Cotton Absorbent Core, Soft Cotton Interlace Coversheet, Fluid Block Back Layer, Adhesive Strip. Leak Guard Channels. Individually wrapped.

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Great Product!
Perfect for light flow days. I agree that it is not necessary to have them individually wrapped--but it makes it nice to just throw in your purse :)

4/11/2015 9:15 PM

Don't need individual wrapping
Just use too much plastic on packaging. Yeah~ organic is expensive but worth the price for the comfortable and no smelly at all...

12/15/2013 4:48 AM
SF Bay Area

All I can say is that they are expensive...they are a great product and wish they would make it this slim but longer to cover more area....just was too much money ...its expensive being a woman and I want to make sure I find products that are natural that won't break my bank especially when it's a feminine product that I use everyone month....whew

4/26/2013 2:53 AM
Maria C
Chula Vista

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