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Genesis Today Digestion 90 vcaps

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Genesis Today's Digestion is an all-natural, plant-based intestinal tract support supplement. Expertly formulated, this digestive blend offers enzymatic support for complete digestion of foods and nutrient absorption and assimilation by the body. Eighteen vegetarian digestive enzymes are synergized with heat-generating nutrients and digestion-supporting herbs that support intestinal efficiency. Containing unparalleled ingredients, Digestion supports the stimulation of the digestive fire with enzyme support from slippery elm bark, ginger root, American cranesbill root, fennel seed, licorice root, cayenne pepper fruit, piper longum, cloves, basil leaf, and much more. This product has a significantly distinctive portfolio of herbs and enzymes that's designed to work synergistically to help support your health and wellbeing.*

Healthy Digestion*

Digestion is a unique digestion formula that supports delivery of enzymes, supporting the breakdown of all food types and varying pH conditions. It contains Betaine HCI and 18 plant-based digestive enzymes in an all-in-one formulation that delivers herbal digestive enzyme support, which may support your body's break down and processing of all food types, including fats and proteins, such as dairy, grains, sugars, nuts, seeds, beans, broccoli and cabbage.*

Healthy Metabolism*

Genesis Today's Digestion contains an unparalleled herbal digestive heat-stimulating blend that supports your metabolism. The heat-stimulating digestive blends work to support the movement of food through your digestive system while supporting absorption of the maximum amount of nutrients in the process.*

Healthy Colon*

Digestion supports colon cleansing and healthy elimination and regularity. It also provides digestive support with its four proprietary digestive blends that work to support the elimination of toxins, food debris, and waste in an efficient, consistent manner.*

Supplement Facts

Serving Size: 2 vcapsules
Servings per Container: 45

Directions for Use: Take two (2) capsules before meals three times daily.

    Amount per Serving
    % Daily Value
  •  Genesis Today Digesting Blend (Alpha-amylase 16,600 DU, Cellulase 1,000 CU, Lactase 3,000 LacU, Hemicellulase 160 HCU, Alpha-galactosidase 340 GalU, Maltase 110 DP)
  •  Genesis Today Protein Digesting Blend (Papain 132,000 PU, Bromelain 130,000 PU, Protease 4.5 45,650 HUT, Peptidase 1,980 HUT, Protease 6.0 1,650 HUT)
  •  Genesis Today Lipid Digesting Enzyme (Lipase 4,561 FIP)
  •  Genesis Today Herbal Digestion Blend (Betaine HCl, slippery elm bark, american cranesbill, ginger, fennel, licorince, cayenne pepper, piper longum)
  •  Genesis Today Heat Generating Blend (basil, cumin, cloves, turmeric, cardamom, centaury, gentian, orange)
  •  Genesis Today Herbal Liver Support Blend (boldo, dandelion, artichoke, milk thistle, bupleurum falcatum)

* Daily value not established
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