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Health Force Nutritionals ZeoForce Zeolite 400g

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An ancient solution for a toxic world. Deeply detoxifying, sourced from an earth clay mineral concentrate.

Product Benefits:

  • Bonds to toxins for safe, effective removal*
  • Promotes more effective digestion*
  • Contains micro-sized zeolites for maximum effectiveness*
  • Vegan
  • Non-GMO

HealthForce Nutritionals' ZeoForce Zeolite is a key supplement for ridding the body of toxins such as heavy metals, ammonia and other dangerous chemicals encountered in day-to-day life.*

HealthForce crafted this detoxifying formula with pure clinoptilolite mineral concentrate, known for its ability to bond to toxins, assisting the body with removing them safely and effectively.*

This zeolite supplement has also been reduced to the size of a red blood cell, maximizing its effectiveness in the digestive system.* With an overall surface area greater than 250 sq. ft. per gram, HealthForce Nutritionals' ZeoForce Zeolite is effective at naturally cleansing the body of toxins, promoting overall digestive health.*

About HealthForce Nutritionals
Dr. Jameth Sheridan (D.H.M.) co-founded HealthForce Nutritionals™ with his wife Kim in 1990, hoping to empower individuals to experience dramatic health improvements with vegan, raw superfood products. HealthForce formulates their products according to strict standards that represent the highest levels of purity known for nutrient-rich ingredients. To ensure maximum purity, HealthForce Nutritionals packages their products in dark glass bottles with unique metal lids and oxygen absorbers that protect nutrients and prevent degradation.

Supplement Facts

Serving Size: 15g
Servings per Container: 26

Directions for Use: Detoxification: Mix 1 teaspoon to 2 tablespoons per day into water, fresh juice, or smoothie. Neutral taste. Will not pull out good nutrients.Intensive Use: Take 6 tablespoons per day. Ideally, divide servings. Okay and effective to take all at once. Drink plenty of water!Cleansing Face/Body Mask: Mix 4 tablespoons of ZeoForceTM into 4 teaspoons of water. You can also add one capsule of Health Alliance CoQ10 and a drop of your favorite essential oil for additional benefits. Do NOT overdo the essential oil and test on a smaller area first to ensure that it does not irritate your skin or eyes. Avoid the area around your eyes when applying. Spread a thin layer on your face and allow to dry (about 15 minutes). Rinse thoroughly, using the ZeoForceTM to exfoliate. Follow with a moisturizer if desired. You can also expand this recipe for full body coverage (spread as thick as you wish). Great for pimples, rashes, and skin irritations!Detoxifying and Relaxing Body and Foot Bath: Add 1/4 to 1 cup (or any quantity you desire) to hot bath water for a deeply detoxifying soak. Combine internal, mask, and bath for ultimate detox!Bites and Stings: Mix 4 tablespoons of ZeoForceTM into 4 teaspoons of water and apply to affected area, allow to dry (about 15 minutes), and rinse. Repeat as required. Also take internally.Tooth Powder: Add a pinch to your brush and add a drop of essential oil (e.g., neem, peppermint, cinnamon) to create a natural tooth powder blend.Laundry Powder: Add 1 tablespoon to each load to remove residue and brighten colors.

    Amount per Serving
    % Daily Value
  •  Clinoptilolite

* Daily value not established
These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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