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Jakemans Throat & Chest Lozenges - Anise 30 count

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Jakemans Throat & Chest lozenges are specially created to give soothing relief from throat and chest discomfort, through a delicious blend of soothing menthol and natural plant flavors.

A sensible, natural alternative - Jakemans products contain honey, lemon, anise and eucalyptus oil and are completely free from harsh chemicals! Jakemans is a natural alternative for the relief of throat and chest discomfort.

Once tasted, they will be your favourite soothing lozenge!

Drug Facts

Active Ingredients
Menthol 5mg.

Inactive Ingredients
Anise Oil (Flavoring), Caramel Color, Eucalyptus Oil, Glucose Syrup, Natural Flavor, Sugar, Water.

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Jakemans lozenges are awesome!
These taste great and work with natural ingredients and no harsh chemicals. Regular cough drops make me sick to my stomach, but these are great. We don't have them in our area stores. Pharmaca is a great place to buy them. Fast shipping and great deals!

5/8/2014 6:12 PM
Sheryl Maier

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