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Jason Powersmile Refreshing Mouthwash - Cinnamon Mint 16oz

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Freshen your breath without harsh abrasives or irritating chemicals. PowerSmile® Cinnamon Mint Mouthwash features natural Sea Salts and Grapefruit Seed Extract to help maintain healthy gums and reduce tartar build-up. Meanwhile, Aloe Vera Gel soothes gum irritation while cooling Cinnamon, and refreshing Peppermint Oil, Anise Powder and Clove Oil eliminate bad breath. For super breath all day long, use JASON® PowerSmile® toothpaste and mouthwash twice a day.

  • No Alcohol
  • No Saccharin
After brushing, rinse mouth or gargle for 20-30 seconds and spit out. Do not swallow. Use at least twice a day.

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