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King Bio Appetite & Weight with P.H.A.T. Spray 2oz

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The logical first choice for appetite and weight reduction.

"P.H.A.T.TM" (pronounced "fat") is Dr. King's acronym for the glands that, when out of balance, may cause fat to be stored on the body. Those glands are: Pituitary, Hypothalamus, Adrenals, Thyroid.

Balance the P.H.A.T. AxisTM for a successful weight loss program. King Bio uses powerful yet gentle homeopathic ingredients in this formula to help balance the P.H.A.T. AxisTM. These glands and their hormones are responsible for metabolism and many essential functions in the body, perhaps even the way people store fat (or don't!) on their bodies. Some researchers believe imbalances in specific glands produce certain "body types" and weight-gain patterns. Appetite & Weight Control with P.H.A.T.TM aims to help the body balance those glands. By using 16 HPUS homeopathic ingredients, including two HPUS flower remedies to balance the emotions, Appetite & Weight with P.H.A.T.TM aims to cover all the bases. Dr. King created this advanced, contemporary formula, to target the glandular and emotional imbalances that may contribute to excess weight.

Supplement Facts

Active Ingredients
Anacardium orientale, Anitmonium crudum, Calcarea carbonica, Cortisone aceticum, Fucus vesiculosus, Kali bichromicum, Oleander, Sabadilla, Staphysagria, Pituitarum posterium, Hypothalamus, Adrenalinum, Adrenocorticotrophin, Thyroidinum, Agrimonia eupatoria flos, Castanea sativa flos. All in equal amounts in 10X, 30X, and LM1 potencies in our Bio-Energetically EnhancedTM taste-free, pure water base.

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