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NasalCEASE Stop Nosebleed Pads 5 count

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The Quick And Convenient Way To Stop a Bloody Nose!NasalCEASE® is a DOCTOR RECOMMENDED, natural based bio-polymer called calcium alginate, designed and manufactured with unique properties for the quick and convenient treatment of nose bleeds.

NasalCEASE is 100% safe, without side effects and without any contraindications with other medications you might be taking.

The key benefits of NasalCEASE® for bloody nose are:

Stops Nose Bleed Fast

The minute NasalCEASE® comes in contact with blood, calcium is released. Calcium is a coagulant which actively aids in stopping the nose bleed quickly. Calcium continues to be released until the bleeding has completely ceased.

Easy / Painless Insertion

The soft fibers of NasalCEASE® allow it to be quickly and easily inserted into the nasal cavity without any discomfort.

Absorbs Blood

NasalCEASE® continues to absorb blood throughout the duration of the nosebleed. This unique polymer can absorb up to twenty times its weight. As a result, 90%+ of nosebleeds can be effectively treated with just one NasalCEASE® packing. This allows the nosebleed sufferer to insert NasalCEASE® and forget about it until recommended removal, thirty minutes later.

Promotes Healing

As NasalCEASE® absorbs blood, the sodium in the blood changes the packing from a dry mass, into a moist or gelified mass. The moistness of the mass against the wound site promotes healing. In addition, as the blood is continually absorbed into the packing, and not left pooling between the packing and the wound site, the size of the clots remain small. Larger, more excessive clots may cause re-bleeding to reoccur.

Non-stick Removal

Since the NasalCEASE® packing changes into a moist or gelified mass, it does not stick to new clots. This helps prevent resistance and pulling on clots during removal.

No Rebleeds

Disturbing new blood clots causes rebleeding in 10% to 15% of cases. Since NasalCEASE® doesn't stick to new clots, there are no rebleeds.

Drug Facts

Directions for Use: When a nosebleed starts it's usually a mad scramble to find some tissues while walking around
with your head tilted back and pinching your nose. With NasalCease on hand, treating your
bloody nose is easy.When a nosebleed starts, blow your nose gently to clear any clots. Blood clots left in the nasal cavity can increase the blood flow and/or be the cause of rebleeding.

1.Tear open the steril pack where indicated
2.Twist the ends as shown for easy insertion. NasalCEASE can be moistened with saline solution for easier insertion in smaller nasal cavities.
3. Insert NasalCEASE® all the way into the nasal cavity, leaving no part of the packing hanging out.
4. Remove within thirty minutes as shown

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