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Natural Pet Skin & Itch Irritations for Dogs 4oz

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Skin & Itch Irritations for canines.

Indications for use: for fast, safe relief of common skin irritations, including itching, scratching, rashes, hives, hot spots, dry, rough, chapped, scaly, burning, eczema, psoriasis, coat conditions, and generally unhealthy skin.

In recent years, natural products have been developed for us to better care for our pets. Healthier foods and natural medicines specially designed for our pets allow us to provide the same potential for optimal health for our pets' health as we have for ourselves. Animals need natural medicines too!

Each natural ingredient is selected by its clinical results and safety over the test of time. Natural Pet homeopathic formulas are synergistic combinations of the finest natural, homeopathic ingredients. That means that the comprehensive ingredients in a given formula are selected for their ability to complement the other formulas, creating an advanced therapeutic effect that is greater than the sum of the parts.

Supplement Facts

Active Ingredients
Agaricus Muscarius, Alumina, Anagallis Arvensis, Antimonium Tartaricum, Apis Mellifica, Arsenicum Album, Arsenicum Iodatum, Bovista, Causticum, Dolichos Pruriens, Fagopyrum Esculentum, Graphites, Kali Muriaticum, Muriaticum Acidum, Oleander, Petroleum, Pix Liquida, Radium Bromatum, Rhus Toxicodendron, Selenium Metallicum, Sulphur, Urtica Urens. Equal volumes of each ingredient in a Bio-Energetically EnhancedTM pure water base: 12X, 30X & LM1 potencies.

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Works Great
I have two cocker spaniels with sensitive skin-especially between their toes- and this product works wonders. They have stopped nibbling and I am thrilled. I wish I had discovered this years ago.

6/18/2015 9:30 PM
Rebecca Hernandez

Can't believe it worked!
I live in San Diego where so many dogs suffer from terrible airborne allergies. My two fosters both came from out of town and have been itching and biting themselves into a frenzy. The vet has not been able to help (actually two different vets!) even with expensive injections; I have also tried changing their diets, lots of medicated and herbal soaks, Benadryl, etc. Since administering Skin & Itch they are actually both sleeping peacefully for the first time in days! I didn't put it in water as directed, just straight into their mouths. I was a groomer and wish I had known about this product then. I do wonder how long/often you can use it and if it will lose its effect. Thanks to the Pharmaca clerk who talked me into trying it in spite of my skepticism!

7/25/2014 4:31 AM

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