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Omega Blood Test Advanced Omega-3 Home Blood Test

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Why is testing important?

Because we can't see it, most of us aren't truly aware that our omega-3 and 6 levels are balanced or not.

A breakthrough has enabled scientists to develop the Omega Blood Count, to measure the balance of Omega-3 and Omega-6 in your blood and will allow you to know if a real problem exists so you can start to fix it*.

The importance of knowing this number was highlighted by findings from one of the biggest diet population studies, showing that individuals with a low amount of Omega-3 in their blood were up to ten times more likely to die from a sudden heart attack compared to those with the highest level of Omega-3. The Omega Blood Count allows you to determine whether your dietary changes are actually having the desired effect on your blood levels, helps you make an informed decision about what you eat and is a highly regarded test among health care professionals and scientific experts.

1,000's of people have already used the Omega Blood Count to reveal excess Omega-6 and the lack of Omega-3 in their bodies - highlighting a pervasive dietary issue.

*California Residents: State law requires a doctor's order or an order from another health care provider licensed to prescribe in California in order for our lab to provide test results. After receiving your test kit, return your blood samples to our laboratory in the pre-addressed postage paid envelope provided with a copy of a prescription or order from your health care provider.

New York Residents: State law prohibits our lab from collecting blood samples or sending results to residents of the state of New York. Therefore we are unable to process internet orders from customers in New York at this time.

Improve your all-round health

Cells are the basic building blocks of our body. If these are not healthy then our organs and our bodies cannot be healthy. Omega balance is crucial to cellular health and the Ideal Omega Test is vital to understanding your own individual Omega requirements; it takes out the guesswork out of supplementation. One of the most exciting aspects of correcting your Omega balance is the widespread impact of this on your general health.

You may have taken this test to reduce the risk of heart disease but now find that you also have less pain in your joints. You may have wanted to improve your mood but now find that your hot flushes have also diminished. You may have wanted to improve your athletic performance but now find that your asthma has become milder. Instead of the side effects you get with most drugs, Omega-3 supplements have side benefits!

If you review the research summaries that accompany the test kit you will see just how multifaceted the benefits of Omega-3 are. The exciting thing is that this research is only at a very early stage and will continue to grow.

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